To gossip about what somebody is doing or not doing is wrong.
To listen to such gossip is wrong.
To verify if such gossip is true is wrong.
To retaliate in words against a false gossip is wrong.
The whole affair is a very bad way of wasting one’s time and lowering one’s consciousness.

Opinions & Judgements

It is the petty ego in each that likes to discover and talk about the (real or unreal) defects of others—and it does not matter whether they are real or unreal. The ego has no right to judge them, because it has not the right view or the right spirit. It is only the calm, disinterested, dispassionate, all-compassionate and all-loving Spirit that can judge and see rightly the strength and the weakness in each being.
Don’t let anything from outside approach and disturb you. What people think, do or say is of little importance. The only thing that counts is your relation with the Divine.