"Inspiration is always like a drop of light and truth which succeeds in penetrating the human consciousness." - The Mother

… if you truly wish to profit from these readings, as from all of Sri Aurobindo’s writings, the best method is this: having gathered your consciousness and focused your attention on what you are reading, you must establish a minimum of mental tranquillity—the best thing would be to obtain perfect silence—and achieve a state of immobility of the mind, immobility of the brain, I might say, so that the attention becomes as still and immobile as a mirror, like the surface of absolutely still water. Then what one has read passes through the surface and penetrates deep into the being where it is received with a minimum of distortion. Afterwards—sometimes long afterwards—it wells up again from the depths and manifests in the brain with its full power of comprehension, not as knowledge acquired from outside, but as a light one carried within. 

The Mother – Thoughts and Aphorisms : CWM, Vol. 10, p 7

"The vast peace and the calm are there, ready for you to open to them and receive them." - The Mother

When we have passed beyond knowings, then we shall have Knowledge. Reason was the helper; Reason is the bar.

When we have passed beyond willings, then we shall have Power. Effort was the helper; Effort is the bar.

When we have passed beyond enjoyings, then we shall have Bliss. Desire was the helper; Desire is the bar.

When we have passed beyond individualising, then we shall be real. Persons Ego was the helper; Ego is the bar.

When we have passed beyond humanity, then we shall be the Man. The Animal was the helper; the Animal is the bar.

Transform reason into ordered intuition; let all thyself be light. This is thy goal.

Transform effort into an easy and sovereign overflowing of the soul-strength; let all thyself be conscious force. This is thy goal.

Transform enjoying into an even and objectless ecstasy; let all thyself be bliss. This is thy goal.

Transform the divided individual into the world-personality; let all thyself be the divine. This is thy goal.

Transform the Animal into the Driver of the herds; let all thyself be Krishna. This is thy goal.

Sri Aurobindo – Essays in Philosophy and Yoga : CWSA, Vol. 13, p. 199

Mother’s explanation :

It is the same principle expressed in all the activities or aspects of the being…. It is obvious that in order to come out of the state of the original inconscience desire was indispensable, for without desire there would have been no awakening to activity. But once you are born into consciousness, this very desire which helped you to come out of the inconscience prevents you from liberating yourself from the bonds of matter and rising to a higher consciousness.

It is the same thing for the ego, the self. In order to s on to a higher plane, one must first exist; and to exist one must become a conscious, separate individual, and to become a conscious separate individual, the ego is indispensable, otherwise one remains mingled with all that lies around us. But once the individuality is formed, if one wants to rise to a higher level and live a spiritual life, if one wants even to become simply a higher type of man, the limitations of the ego are the worst obstacles, and the ego must be surpassed in order to enter the true consciousness.


Is it possible to disregard reason?… It is possible only when you have passed beyond mental activity. It is possible only when you have achieved a surrender, a total giving of yourself. It is possible only when you no longer have any desires. So long as you have desires, have an ego and a will of your own, you cannot give up reason, because, as I said just a moment ago, you would become quite unbalanced and perhaps insane. Therefore reason must be the master until one has gone beyond the state in which it is useful. And as I said, as long as there is an ego and as long as there are desires, and so long as there are impulses and so long as there are passions and preferences, and so long as there are attractions and repulsions, etc., as long as all these things are there, reason is altogether useful.

I shall also add that there is another quite indispensable condition in order not to have recourse to reason any more; that is to open no door, no part of the being to the suggestions of the adverse forces. For if you are not completely liberated from the habit of responding to adverse suggestions, if you give up your reason, you also give up reason itself, that is, common sense. And you begin to act in an incoherent way which may finally become quite unbalanced. Well, to be free from suggestions and adverse influences, you must be exclusively under the influence of the Divine.

Now you see the problem; it is a little difficult. This means that unless you are in the presence of a completely illumined and transformed being, it is always better to advise people to act according to their reason. It is perhaps a limitation—it is in fact a great limitation—but it is also a control and it prevents you from being one of those half-idiots who are far too numerous in the world.

The Mother – Questions and Answers: CWM Vol. 8, pp 367 – 73

The meeting of man and God must always mean a penetration and entry of the divine into the human and a self-immergence of man in the Divinity.

But that immergence is not in the nature of an annihilation. Extinction is not the fulfilment of all this search and passion, suffering and rapture. The game would never have been begun if that were to be its ending.

Delight is the secret. Learn of pure delight and thou shalt learn of God.

What then was the commencement of the whole matter? Existence that multiplied itself for sheer delight of being and plunged into numberless trillions of forms so that it might find itself innumerably.

And what is the middle? Division that strives towards a multiple unity, ignorance that labours towards a flood of varied light, pain that travails towards the touch of an unimaginable ecstasy. For all these things are dark figures and perverse vibrations.

And what is the end of the whole matter? As if honey could taste itself and all its drops together and all its drops could taste each other and each the whole honeycomb as itself, so should the end be with God and the soul of man and the universe.

 Love is the keynote, Joy is the music, Power is the strain, Knowledge is the performer, the infinite All is the composer and audience. We know only the preliminary discords which are as fierce as the harmony shall be great; but we shall arrive surely at the fugue of the divine Beatitudes.

The whole world yearns after freedom, yet each creature is in love with his chains; this is the first paradox and inextricable knot of our nature.

Man is in love with the bonds of birth; therefore he is caught in the companion bonds of death. In these chains he aspires after freedom of his being and mastery of his self-fulfilment.

Man is in love with power; therefore he is subjected to weakness. For the world is a sea of waves of force that meet and continually fling themselves on each other; he who would ride on the crest of one wave, must faint under the shock of hundreds.

Man is in love with pleasure; therefore he must undergo the yoke of grief and pain. For unmixed delight is only for the free and passionless soul; but that which pursues after pleasure in man is a suffering and straining energy.

Man hungers after calm, but he thirsts also for the experiences of a restless mind and a troubled heart. Enjoyment is to his mind a fever, calm an inertia and a monotony.

Man is in love with the limitations of his physical being, yet he would have also the freedom of his infinite mind and his immortal soul.

And in these contrasts something in him finds a curious attraction; they constitute for his mental being the artistry of life. It is not only the nectar but the poison also that attracts his taste and his curiosity.


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It cannot be explained—poetry. You must feel it and not reason about it. Poetic inspiration is beyond the reason.… It can be understood by an inner contact much more than by words. - The Mother

In the blue of the sky, in the green of the forest,
          Whose is the hand that has painted the glow?
When the winds were asleep in the womb of the ether,
          Who was it roused them and bade them to blow?

He is lost in the heart, in the cavern of Nature,
          He is found in the brain where He builds up the thought:
In the pattern and bloom of the flowers He is woven,
          In the luminous net of the stars He is caught.

In the strength of a man, in the beauty of woman,
          In the laugh of a boy, in the blush of a girl;
The hand that sent Jupiter spinning through heaven,
          Spends all its cunning to fashion a curl.

These are His works and His veils and His shadows;
          But where is He then? by what name is He known?
Is He Brahma or Vishnu? a man or a woman?
          Bodied or bodiless? twin or alone?

We have love for a boy who is dark and resplendent,
          A woman is lord of us, naked and fierce.
We have seen Him a-muse on the snow of the mountains,
          We have watched Him at work in the heart of the spheres.

We will tell the whole world of His ways and His cunning:
          He has rapture of torture and passion and pain;
He delights in our sorrow and drives us to weeping,
          Then lures with His joy and His beauty again.

All music is only the sound of His laughter,
          All beauty the smile of His passionate bliss;
Our lives are His heart-beats, our rapture the bridal
          Of Radha and Krishna, our love is their kiss.

He is strength that is loud in the blare of the trumpets,
         And He rides in the car and He strikes in the spears;
He slays without stint and is full of compassion;
          He wars for the world and its ultimate years.

In the sweep of the worlds, in the surge of the ages,
          Ineffable, mighty, majestic and pure,
Beyond the last pinnacle seized by the thinker
          He is throned in His seats that for ever endure.

The Master of man and his infinite Lover,
          He is close to our hearts, had we vision to see;
We are blind with our pride and the pomp of our passions,
          We are bound in our thoughts where we hold ourselves free.

It is He in the sun who is ageless and deathless,
          And into the midnight His shadow is thrown;
When darkness was blind and engulfed within darkness,
          He was seated within it immense and alone.

I have gathered my dreams in a silver air
          Between the gold and the blue
And wrapped them softly and left them there,
          My jewelled dreams of you.

I had hoped to build a rainbow bridge
          Marrying the soil to the sky
And sow in this dancing planet midge The moods of infinity.

But too bright were our heavens, too far away,
          Too frail their ethereal stuff;
Too splendid and sudden our light could not stay;
          The roots were not deep enough.

He who would bring the heavens here
          Must descend himself into clay
And the burden of earthly nature bear
          And tread the dolorous way.

Coercing my godhead I have come down
          Here on the sordid earth,
Ignorant, labouring, human grown
          Twixt the gates of death and birth.

I have been digging deep and long
          Mid a horror of filth and mire
A bed for the golden river’s song,
          A home for the deathless fire.

I have laboured and suffered in Matter’s night
           To bring the fire to man;
But the hate of hell and human spite
          Are my meed since the world began.

For man’s mind is the dupe of his animal self;
          Hoping its lusts to win,
He harbours within him a grisly Elf
          Enamoured of sorrow and sin.

The grey Elf shudders from heaven’s flame
          And from all things glad and pure;
Only by pleasure and passion and pain
          His drama can endure.

All around is darkness and strife;
          For the lamps that men call suns
Are but halfway gleams on this stumbling life
          Cast by the Undying Ones.

Man lights his little torches of hope
          That lead to a failing edge;
A fragment of Truth is his widest scope,
          An inn his pilgrimage.

The Truth of truths men fear and deny,
          The Light of lights they refuse;
To ignorant gods they lift their cry
          Or a demon altar choose.

All that was found must again be sought,
          Each enemy slain revives,
Each battle for ever is fought and refought
          Through vistas of fruitless lives.

My gaping wounds are a thousand and one
          And the Titan kings assail,
But I dare not rest till my task is done
          And wrought the eternal will.

How they mock and sneer, both devils and men!
          “Thy hope is Chimera’s head
Painting the sky with its fiery stain;
          Thou shalt fall and thy work lie dead.

“Who art thou that babblest of heavenly ease
          And joy and golden room
To us who are waifs on inconscient seas
          And bound to life’s iron doom?

“This earth is ours, a field of Night
          For our petty flickering fires.
How shall it brook the sacred Light
          Or suffer a god’s desires?

“Come, let us slay him and end his course!
          Then shall our hearts have release
From the burden and call of his glory and force
          And the curb of his wide white peace.”

But the god is there in my mortal breast
          Who wrestles with error and fate
And tramples a road through mire and waste
          For the nameless Immaculate.

A voice cried, “Go where none have gone!
          Dig deeper, deeper yet
Till thou reach the grim foundation stone
          And knock at the keyless gate.”

I saw that a falsehood was planted deep
          At the very root of things
Where the grey Sphinx guards God’s riddle sleep
          On the Dragon’s outspread wings.

I left the surface gauds of mind
          And life’s unsatisfied seas
And plunged through the body’s alleys blind
          To the nether mysteries.

I have delved through the dumb Earth’s dreadful heart
          And heard her black mass’ bell.
I have seen the source whence her agonies part
          And the inner reason of hell.

Above me the dragon murmurs moan
          And the goblin voices flit;
I have pierced the Void where Thought was born,
          I have walked in the bottomless pit.

On a desperate stair my feet have trod
          Armoured with boundless peace,
Bringing the fires of the splendour of God
          Into the human abyss.

He who I am was with me still;
          All veils are breaking now.
I have heard His voice and borne His will
          On my vast untroubled brow.

The gulf twixt the depths and the heights is bridged
          And the golden waters pour
Down the sapphire mountain rainbow-ridged
          And glimmer from shore to shore.

Heaven’s fire is lit in the breast of the earth
          And the undying suns here burn;
Through a wonder cleft in the bounds of birth
          The incarnate spirits yearn

Like flames to the kingdoms of Truth and Bliss:
          Down a gold-red stairway wend
The radiant children of Paradise
          Clarioning darkness’ end.

A little more and the new life’s doors
          Shall be carved in silver light
With its aureate roof and mosaic floors
          In a great world bare and bright.

I shall leave my dreams in their argent air,
          For in a raiment of gold and blue
There shall move on the earth embodied and fair
          The living truth of you.

Rose of God, vermilion stain on the sapphires of heaven,rose
Rose of Bliss, fire-sweet, seven-tinged with the ecstasies seven!
Leap up in our heart of humanhood, O miracle, O flame,
Passion-flower of the Nameless, bud of the mystical Name.

Rose of God, great wisdom-bloom on the summits of being,
Rose of Light, immaculate core of the ultimate seeing!
Live in the mind of our earthhood; O golden Mystery, flower,
Sun on the head of the Timeless, guest of the marvellous Hour.

Rose of God, damask force of Infinity, red icon of might,
Rose of Power with thy diamond halo piercing the night!
Ablaze in the will of the mortal, design the wonder of thy plan,
Image of Immortality, outbreak of the Godhead in man.

Rose of God, smitten purple with the incarnate divine Desire,
Rose of Life, crowded with petals, colour’s lyre!
Transform the body of the mortal like a sweet and magical rhyme;
Bridge our earthhood and heavenhood, make deathless the children of Time.

Rose of God, like a blush of rapture on Eternity’s face,
Rose of Love, ruby depth of all being, fire-passion of Grace!
Arise from the heart of the yearning that sobs in Nature’s abyss:
Make earth the home of the Wonderful and life beatitude’s kiss.

The Silence

Into the Silence, into the Silence,
Arise, O Spirit immortal,
Away from the turning Wheel, breaking the magical Circle.
Ascend, single and deathless:
Care no more for the whispers and the shoutings in the darkness,
Pass from the sphere of the grey and the little,
Leaving the cry and the struggle,
Into the Silence for ever.

Vast and immobile, formless and marvellous,
Higher than Heaven, wider than the universe,
In a pure glory of being,
In a bright stillness of self-seeing,
Communing with a boundlessness voiceless and intimate,
Make thy knowledge too high for thought, thy joy too deep for emotion;
At rest in the unchanging Light, mute with the wordless self-vision,
Spirit, pass out of thyself; Soul, escape from the clutch of Nature.
All thou hast seen cast from thee, O Witness.
Turn to the Alone and the Absolute, turn to the Eternal:
Be only eternity, peace and silence,
O world-transcending nameless Oneness,
Spirit immortal.


Beyond the Silence

Out from the Silence, out from the Silence,
Carrying with thee the ineffable Substance,
Carrying with thee the splendour and wideness,
Ascend, O Spirit immortal.
Assigning to Time its endless meaning,
Blissful enter into the clasp of the Timeless.
Awake in the living Eternal, taken to the bosom of love of the Infinite,
Live self-found in his endless completeness,
Drowned in his joy and his sweetness,
Thy heart close to the heart of the Godhead for ever.

Vast, God-possessing, embraced by the Wonderful,
Lifted by the All-Beautiful into his infinite beauty,
Love shall envelop thee endless and fathomless,
Joy unimaginable, ecstasy illimitable,
Knowledge omnipotent, Might omniscient,
Light without darkness, Truth that is dateless.
One with the Transcendent, calm, universal,
Single and free, yet innumerably living,
All in thyself and thyself in all dwelling,
Act in the world with thy being beyond it.
Soul, exceed life’s boundaries; Spirit, surpass the universe.
Outclimbing the summits of Nature,
Transcending and uplifting the soul of the finite,
Rise with the world in thy bosom,
O Word gathered into the heart of the Ineffable.
One with the Eternal, live in his infinity,
Drowned in the Absolute, found in the Godhead,
Swan of the supreme and spaceless ether wandering winged through the universe,
Spirit immortal.

Thy golden Light came down into my brain
          And the grey rooms of mind sun-touched became
A bright reply to Wisdom’s occult plane,
          A calm illumination and a flame.

Thy golden Light came down into my throat,
          And all my speech is now a tune divine,
A paean song of Thee my single note;
          My words are drunk with the Immortal’s wine.

Thy golden Light came down into my heart
          Smiting my life with Thy eternity;
Now has it grown a temple where Thou art
          And all its passions point towards only Thee.

Thy golden Light came down into my feet;
         My earth is now Thy playfield and Thy seat.

I face earth’s happenings with an equal soul;
In all are heard Thy steps: Thy unseen feet
Tread Destiny’s pathways in my front. Life’s whole
Tremendous theorem is Thou complete.

No danger can perturb my spirit’s calm:
My acts are Thine; I do Thy works and pass;
Failure is cradled on Thy deathless arm,
Victory is Thy passage mirrored in Fortune’s glass.

In this rude combat with the fate of man
Thy smile within my heart makes all my strength;
Thy Force in me labours at its grandiose plan,
Indifferent to the Time-snake’s crawling length.

No power can slay my soul; it lives in Thee.
Thy presence is my immortality. 

I have discovered my deep deathless being:
Masked by my front of mind, immense, serene
It meets the world with an Immortal’s seeing,
A god-spectator of the human scene.

No pain and sorrow of the heart and flesh
Can tread that pure and voiceless sanctuary.
Danger and fear, Fate’s hounds, slipping their leash
Rend body and nerve,—the timeless Spirit is free.

Awake, God’s ray and witness in my breast,
In the undying substance of my soul
Flamelike, inscrutable the almighty Guest.
Death nearer comes and Destiny takes her toll;

He hears the blows that shatter Nature’s house:
Calm sits he, formidable, luminous.


In the night as in the day be always with me.
In sleep as in waking let me feel in me always the reality of your presence.
Let it sustain and make to grow in me Truth, consciousness and bliss constantly and at all times.

18 July 1938


My Lord, every day, in all circumstances, let me repeat with the full sincerity of my heart, “May Thy Will be done and not mine.”

5 November 1941

I have a sweet little Mother
Who lives in my heart;
We are so happy together,
We shall never part.

27 October 1972


O Marvellous Grace, let our aspiration be always more intense, our faith always more vibrant, our trust always more absolute.

Thou art the All-Victorious!


My Lord, make the consciousness clear and precise, the speech thoroughly true, the surrender complete, the calm absolute and transform the whole being into an ocean of light and love.

16 January 1962


Remember that the Mother is always with you. Address Her as follows and She will pull you out of all difficulties:

“O Mother, Thou art the light of my intelligence, the purity of my soul, the quiet strength of my vital, the endurance of my body. I rely on Thee alone and want to be entirely Thine. Make me surmount all obstacles on the way.”

27 October 1972


A generous heart always forgets the past offences and is ready to reestablish harmony.
Let us all forget all that is dark and ugly in the past, in order to make us ready to receive the luminous future.

With love and blessings.

2 April 1967

“The Mother loves me and I am the Mother’s.” If you base your life on that thought, everything will soon become easy.

30 April 1935

O Lord, I pray to Thee, guide my footsteps, enlighten my mind, that at every moment and in all things I may do exactly what Thou wantest me to do.

16 January 1962


Always behave as if The Mother was looking at you; because she is, indeed, always present.  ~ Sri Aurobindo 

The path is long, but self~surrender makes it short; the way is difficult, but perfect trust makes it easy. ~ The Mother


The difficulties come always to make us progress. The greater the difficulty, the greater can be the progress. ~ The Mother


We find in others what is in us. If we always find mud around us, it proves that there is mud somewhere in us. ~ The Mother


Let us work as we pray, for indeed work is the body’s best prayer to the Divine. ~ The Mother


Live within; be not shaken by outward happenings. ~ The Mother


The Divine Grace is always there. Be perfectly sincere and you will become conscious of it. ~ The Mother


Whatever work you do, do it as perfectly as you can. That is the best service to the Divine in man. ~ The Mother 

It is the Divine Presence that gives value to life. This Presence is the source of all peace, all joy, all security. Find this Presence in yourself and all your difficulties will disappear. ~ The Mother


To give oneself is the secret of sadhana, not to demand and acquire. ~ Sri Aurobindo 

A complete system of yoga which can serve as a guide for those who want to follow the integral sadhana. The yoga of the Earth in its ascension towards the Divine. - The Mother

A deep of compassion, a hushed sanctuary,
Her inward help unbarred a gate in heaven;
Love in her was wider than the universe,
The whole world could take refuge in her single heart.

The great unsatisfied godhead here could dwell:
Vacant of the dwarf self’s imprisoned air,
Her mood could harbour his sublimer breath
Spiritual that can make all things divine.

For even her gulfs were secrecies of light.

At once she was the stillness and the word,
A continent of self-diffusing peace,
An ocean of untrembling virgin fire;
The strength, the silence of the gods were hers.

In her he found a vastness like his own,
His high warm subtle ether he refound
And moved in her as in his natural home.

In her he met his own eternity.

A long dim preparation is man’s life,
A circle of toil and hope and war and peace
Tracked out by Life on Matter’s obscure ground.
In his climb to a peak no feet have ever trod,
He seeks through a penumbra shot with flame
A veiled reality half-known, ever missed,
A search for something or someone never found,
Cult of an ideal never made real here,
An endless spiral of ascent and fall
Until at last is reached the giant point
Through which his Glory shines for whom we were made
And we break into the infinity of God.

He comes unseen into our darker parts
And, curtained by the darkness, does his work,
A subtle and all-knowing guest and guide,
Till they too feel the need and will to change.

All here must learn to obey a higher law,
Our body’s cells must hold the Immortal’s flame.

A breath comes down from a supernal air,
A Presence is born, a guiding Light awakes,
A stillness falls upon the instruments:
Fixed, motionless like a marble monument,
Stone-calm, the body is a pedestal
Supporting a figure of eternal Peace.

Or a revealing Force sweeps blazing in;
Out of some vast superior continent
Knowledge breaks through trailing its radiant seas,
And Nature trembles with the power, the flame.

A greater Personality sometimes
Possesses us which yet we know is ours:
Or we adore the Master of our souls.

Then the small bodily ego thins and falls;
No more insisting on its separate self,
Losing the punctilio of its separate birth,
It leaves us one with Nature and with God.

In moments when the inner lamps are lit
And the life’s cherished guests are left outside,
Our spirit sits alone and speaks to its gulfs.

A wider consciousness opens then its doors;
Invading from spiritual silences
A ray of the timeless Glory stoops awhile
To commune with our seized illumined clay
And leaves its huge white stamp upon our lives.

The Absolute, the Perfect, the Alone
Has called out of the Silence his mute Force
Where she lay in the featureless and formless hush
Guarding from Time by her immobile sleep
The ineffable puissance of his solitude.

The Absolute, the Perfect, the Alone
Has entered with his silence into space:
He has fashioned these countless persons of one self;
He has built a million figures of his power;
He lives in all, who lived in his Vast alone;
Space is himself and Time is only he.

The Absolute, the Perfect, the Immune,
One who is in us as our secret self,
Our mask of imperfection has assumed,
He has made this tenement of flesh his own,
His image in the human measure cast
That to his divine measure we might rise;
Then in a figure of divinity
The Maker shall recast us and impose
A plan of godhead on the mortal’s mould
Lifting our finite minds to his infinite,
Touching the moment with eternity.

This transfiguration is earth’s due to heaven:
A mutual debt binds man to the Supreme:
His nature we must put on as he put ours;
We are sons of God and must be even as he:
His human portion, we must grow divine.

Our life is a paradox with God for key.

Only when we have climbed above ourselves,
A line of the Transcendent meets our road
And joins us to the timeless and the true;
It brings to us the inevitable word,
The godlike act, the thoughts that never die.

A ripple of light and glory wraps the brain,
And travelling down the moment’s vanishing route
The figures of eternity arrive.

As the mind’s visitors or the heart’s guests
They espouse our mortal brevity awhile,
Or seldom in some rare delivering glimpse
Are caught by our vision’s delicate surmise.

Although beginnings only and first attempts,
These glimmerings point to the secret of our birth
And the hidden miracle of our destiny.
What we are there and here on earth shall be
Is imaged in a contact and a call.

But vain are human power and human love
To break earth’s seal of ignorance and death;
His nature’s might seemed now an infant’s grasp;
Heaven is too high for outstretched hands to seize.

This Light comes not by struggle or by thought;
In the mind’s silence the Transcendent acts
And the hushed heart hears the unuttered Word.

A vast surrender was his only strength.

But Savitri answered meeting scorn with scorn,
The mortal woman to the dreadful Lord:
“Who is this God imagined by thy night,
Contemptuously creating worlds disdained,
Who made for vanity the brilliant stars?

Not he who has reared his temple in my thoughts
And made his sacred floor my human heart.

My God is will and triumphs in his paths,
My God is love and sweetly suffers all.

To him I have offered hope for sacrifice
And gave my longings as a sacrament.

Who shall prohibit or hedge in his course,
The wonderful, the charioteer, the swift?

A traveller of the million roads of life,
His steps familiar with the lights of heaven
Tread without pain the sword-paved courts of hell;
There he descends to edge eternal joy.

Love’s golden wings have power to fan thy void:
The eyes of love gaze starlike through death’s night,
The feet of love tread naked hardest worlds.
He labours in the depths, exults on the heights;
He shall remake thy universe, O Death.”