About the birthdays. There is a rhythm (one among many) in the play of the world-forces which is connected with the sun and planets. That makes the birthday a day of possible renewal when the physical being is likely more plastic. It is for this reason that Mother sees people on their birthdays.


It is never in vain that an ardent and sincere prayer is addressed to the Divine’s Grace. When, in our despair, we cry to the Divine, always He answers to our call. We pray that the Divine should teach us ever more, enlighten us more and more, dispel our ignorance, illumine our minds.


Savitri, a Legend and a Symbol; it’s he who made it a symbol. It’s the story of the encounter of Savitri, the principle of Love, with Death; and it’s over Death that she won the victory, not in life. She could not win the victory in life without winning the victory over Death.


Whatever you do in life must be done as a service to the Divine and nobody else.
Whatever you are, think or feel, you are responsible for it to the Divine and to nobody else.
He is the sole Master of your being and your life. If in all sincerity you surrender entirely to Him He will take charge of you and your heart will be in peace.


Your work can never be good if you go on thinking of the next thing. For work, it is the present that is most important. The past should not drag you behind, the future should not pull you forward. You must be fully concentrated on the present, on what you are doing. You must be so concentrated on what you are doing that it is as if the salvation of the whole world depended only upon your work.


…. It cannot be explained—poetry. You must feel it and not reason about it. Poetic inspiration is beyond the reason. You must not bring it down into the domain of reason, because then it is spoilt. It is felt much more than… it can be understood by an inner contact much more than by words.

Practice & Methods

All can be done by the Divine, the heart and nature purified, the inner consciousness awakened, the veils removed, if one gives oneself to the Divine with trust and confidence—and even if one cannot do so fully at once, yet the more one does so, the more the inner help and guidance comes and the contact and the experience of the Divine grows within. If the questioning mind becomes less active and humility and the will to surrender grow in you, this ought to be perfectly possible. No other strength and tapasya are then needed, but this alone.


…The true breathing is not merely the inspiration and expiration from the lungs which is merely the mechanism of it, but a drawing in of the universal energy of Prana into every cell of the body.


It depends on the photograph. It depends on many things, for in each photo I am different. To each individual to whom I give it, it is a different aspect of myself. At each moment I am represented by a different form, a different attitude, and to each one and for each one it is a different thing. It is never the same.


Be like a flower. One must try to become like a flower: open, frank, equal, generous and kind….
A flower is open to all that surrounds it: Nature, light, the rays of the sun, the wind, etc. It exerts a spontaneous influence on all that is around it. It radiates a joy and a beauty.