The Grace is something that pushes you towards the goal to be attained. Do not try to judge it by your mind, you will not get anywhere, because it is something formidable which is not explained through human words or feelings. When the Grace acts, the result may or may not be pleasant―it takes no account of any human value, it may even be a catastrophe from the ordinary and superficial point of view. But it is always the best for the individual. It is a blow that the Divine sends so that progress may be made by leaps and bounds. The Grace is that which makes you march swiftly towards the realisation.


There must first be the will to change firmly conceived and held—then to open the consciousness to the Force and let it work with the inner assent to its working. When there is the psychic opening, then even the things most obstinate in the nature can change. Develop the will—the will grows by a steady use, like the muscles, and grows strong.


Vibrations of harmony attract and encourage harmonious events; vibrations of disequilibrium create, as it were, a disequilibrium in circumstances (illnesses, accidents, etc.). This may be collective or individual, but the principle is the same – and so is the remedy: to cultivate in oneself order and harmony, peace and equilibrium by surrendering unreservedly to the Divine Will.

Divine Will

The Divine’s will is that we should be like channels always open, always more wide, so that His forces may pour their abundance into the mould. Divine Will―the will expressing the highest Truth. We must lie before the Divine always like a page perfectly blank, so that the Divine’s will may be inscribed in us without any difficulty or mixture.


Carefully keep this bliss, this repose, this assurance of Victory; they are more precious than all the riches of this world, and they will keep you very close to me.